Padang Lutheran Christian Relief

PADANG Lutheran Christian Relief was founded in 2005 in Canada by Sudanese born Canadians who were overwhelmed with the needs currently being experienced by the populations in Southern Sudan.  Named PADANG, which is the Dinka (Sudanese tribal language) word for "different people coming together to fulfil a common goal."

The goals of PLCR are to provide:
  • Health care facilities to those most in need
  • Educational facilities to those most in need
  • Worship facilities
  • Water and sanitation to those in need
  • Child Protection
  • Agriculture Development
  • HIV / AIDS Awareness
  • Emergency Relief
  • Settlement services - Our Program in the Metro Vancouver area in Canada

Chagai C. Lual, a member of Mt. Zion congregation, is one of the Directors of PLCR.  Since the organization's inception the goal has been to meet the needs of people devastated by war.  We are privileged at Mt. Zion to participate in the rebuilding efforts.  For more information go to www.plcr.org.

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