Janka's story

Prior to moving to Canada I attended the Slovakia Republic Lutheran Church.  In 2012, after I arrived here, I began looking for a church to attend. I tried many, however, I was unable to find one where I felt I truly belonged.

One day, while driving around, I saw Mt. Zion and decided to check it out.  I was surprised by the number of children. I felt this was the right place for me.  People are welcoming and kids are involved and helpful.

I feel this church is doing more than the other churches I attended.  For example, I was very surprised about the Valentine’s cards that the Sunday School children made and sent out to people in the congregation who are often unable to get out to church.

I feel very strongly about involving and recognizing the children of our congregation. We need to contiue to give them opportunities to experience being a part of our church community and never take them for granted.